Feature request: Response from Zwift on feature requests

Not so much a feature request for Zwift, but this is a feature request for this forum. I would like that each feature request gets a formal response from Zwift within a week.

Right now this part of the forum feels quite useless, there are quite some popular feature requests with absolutely no response from Zwift employees. Such as the request for more flexible training plans and shared family plans.

And to be honest, I would rather have clarity in terms of, “no, we are not developing this” then the utter sound of silence that is currently the case.

Or give a reply if there’s more than say 20 votes, rather than to every request.

But they may not want to rule out a suggestion in future, ‘give away’ that they are working on something but can’t get it working right, etc. so I suspect that you would mainly get ‘maybe, in the future’ type responses. So perhaps not all that useful.

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So what type of feed back do you want.

“This an interesting suggestion”
“That sound difficult but interesting”

That does not mean a lot. They wont tell us if it is a bad idea or that they are working on it.

I just assume they see all the requests especially those with a lot of comments and they have a long To Do list.

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Any reply is better then no reply at all… I hope we can all agree on that. I think it is strange for an community-driven app like Zwift that on the most requested features there has been no response at all. And some of those features has been requested months ago…

I want Zwift to take us seriously. At least let a developer take the time to reply and at least have the discussion about whether it will be done or not.

What we now see is that the feature requests are being requested into the monthly update topics, because apparently those topics are being read by Zwift employees. I understand that that shouldn’t happen, but I can understand why it is happening. Users are having the feeling that no one is listening


After reading the most highly requested features and seeing the the last few update roll-outs I think Zwift has their own agenda, lol. I’m sure they look at this from time to time, maybe even often, but it doesn’t seem to be a driving force in their directions.

If Rouvy or another alternative really start taking a bite out of Zwifts profit / popularity, they may pay more attention to their current user base. It’s been interesting in the Audio Recording world what has happened to many companies over the last 2 decades that didn’t listen to their users… Apple may soon face the same decline and dilemma as they are out of touch with what their professionals need.