Is there any point to the Feature request section?

Yes so Zwift has added a little shop but how many people in feature request actually asked for this? I can only find a couple of similar things like it with little or no votes.
Come on Zwift if you want input from your community at least listen to it, there are many threads in Feature request with lots of votes and positive input, show you are listening!

Ride on.

No point at all, I don’t belive Zwift listen.


Yes there is. It’s the best way they have to know what the population want. There have been plenty of things that we’ve requested over the years that have come to fruition in game.

However, they are not slaves to our demands. They will have their own overall roadmap. They’ll prioritise features based on business needs, the roadmap, what users are asking for, and other factors.

Just because some of us want it, it doesn’t mean it aligns with their design philosophy. Velodrome is a prime example.

Some thing make other things impossible, or at least over-complicated to the point it’s not worth the development effort for the return.

Even the things they also want - ghost riders are something Eric Min wants too - that still has to be prioritised. If other things trump it on the “what’s the best thing we could be doing right now” front, it has to wait.

Also bear in mind that the forum users here are a miniscule sample of the entire Zwift user base. So we can only ever be taken as an indication, and not necessarily a representative one.

I don’t envy them. I’ve worked as a software developer for nearly 30 years now, and prioritisation - particularly in a commercial context - is hard.

If you don’t think it’s worth posting in or voting on requests, that’s up to you. But voting for things you like isn’t a lot of effort, and it might make the difference between a given feature being chosen over another one.