Why no response from Zwift on Feature Requests?

Years. Lots of new shiny worlds. Many half-baked features, never to be really completed. Zero progress on any of the Feature Request.

Accessing the garage from the home screen? Completed

Long climbs? Completed

Turning off the HUD? Completed

Adding need levels? Completed but needs doing again

Route completion indicator? Completed

I could go on. That’s not zero progress.

I’m sure it’s not easy to add a feature and it probably only gets done if it fits in with the long term strategy. I personally have never been desperate for new features and just try to get the best out of what it already there.


Thanks. Unfortunately, I am not sure I can correlate specific feature requests to the items you indicated (not negating your input, just too much work… :frowning:) My impression is Zwift is just doing the “Zwift thing”, and it does sometime happen to correlate with the Features Requests section.

Best if someone could go over the list, and mark their status. This has been done in the past, and the list of feature requests implemented is, how shall I put it… short. Zwift, on the other hand (and someone please correct me if wrong…) has never stated “we are going to do XYZ from the Features Request list.” Ever.

… and I was under the impression Zwift subscribers are the “long term strategy.” Granted, if all but few care, Zwift - which is under no obligation to accommodate rider’s requests/seggutions - can go on ignoring them.

Whilst I can’t speak for everyone in Zwift, I definitely care and will continue to do what I can to improve the experience for the Community as I possibly can.

I fully recognise that the speed of development hasn’t been sufficient for many of your liking, but sincerely hope that you’ll see over the course of the next 6-18 months that we’re going to bring in a load of extra stuff for you.



Time will tell… and forgive me for being skeptic. I’ve been here long enough.

Strange, There’s been quite an explosion of change so far this year. Whilst it hasn’t necessarily been smooth there has certainly been change.

Change as in… “Feature Requests” implemented?

Yes. There were changes – all independently announced/roumorred for a long time (the GUI change has been years is the making… the pace bots - though a great feature - do not answer the “Personal Pace Partners” request, etc.)

Feature Request implemented? Less sure…

(I don’t really care for “smooth”. Zwift can implement “use at your own risk” flag, thus exposing all those interested to the new toys; I promise not to complain about new feature crashing my ride - just do it, Zwift)

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