Update Requests

Having once again tangled with issues around a Zwift update as I was trying to ride stage 8 of TdZ this morning, I have a couple of suggestions/requests that would improve things.

First, is it not possible to have the companion app (or even the main app) send us a notification when there is the need to apply an update the next time the app is run … that would give us the option to fire up the software and run the update immediately rather than it being dropped on us the next time we are setting up for a ride?

Second, there used to be a progress indicator whenever updates were applied, but this morning, the software just disappeared from the screen for 5 minutes before opening itself up again. Not helpful.

Third, notwithstanding that out of date software may be causing some of the issues in events, can we not have the option to not run an update and just get on with a ride?

Thanks for listening,