Zwift update warning emails


I haven’t seen this occur yet but a great idea would be to get an update email so I know a few days or a day ahead of an update.

I like to Zwift at night so being able to do an update before I jump on the bike at night rather than have to warm up for sometimes as long as an hour (last night) while I wait for it to download would be good.

Just a thought!

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Or the option to ride without the update, and then initiate the update AFTER your ride, so that your computer is ready to go for the next ride.

I reckon both would be valid options to set up.

Download speeds for the Update are the real problem for me.

Last night after a stressful work day and commute all I wanted to do was pound out a 1 hr workout in Zwift. However, there was an update…

And the update was downloading painfully slow. It took 20 mins to update which added to my day’s frustration.

My internet connection is fine. I’m on a Verizon FiOS 50/25 Mbps service. The problem was Zwift. They are either throttling these downloads too much or their servers simply can’t handle the capacity. That’s my theory at least.

Finally downloaded the update. Nice to see the route expansion and new workouts. Got my workout in. All is now well. Well, until the next update :wink:


Up to this point Zwift has forced updates because, due to being beta software, they wanted to ensure everyone was running the same version to the greatest extent possible. I remember reading something months ago where they said once the beta period ended they would make updates voluntary. I hope they do because at present my Internet connection is pathetic (rural AT&T DSL. 3MB down on a great day) and I am in the same situation as many of you: get home from work, have a window for a workout, and don’t like having to spend 20-60 minutes of that window waiting for an update to download.

Next time there is an update try to remove your ant+ dongle. close the zwift that is updating and re-open that for its auto-update.

After the update completes you can connect the ant+ again.

For me that speed up the update time a lot. maybe that can help you out as well. I read in a thread it was about some files that got stucked in memory due to the dongle or something similar.

Remove the ANT+ dongle?

I don’t think that’s the issue.

While this was occurring last night, I went to my other computer with Zwift on it and tested to see if that downloaded any faster since it was plugged into ethernet and the computer I was having the slow download issue was on WiFi.

Nope, the computer plugged into ethernet did NOT have an ANT+ dongle plugged in and the download was just as painfully slow.


I want to also note that these slow updates only seem to have started since the last couple of updates. In the past updates have come across fairly fast, within a minute or so. So from my perspective, they only recently got bad.

Since the app is a client to the servers then there would be big issues having different versions of the client talking to the server at the same time. 


Personally if I know there’s an update I’ve remotely logged into my machine and fired up Zwift just to make sure it’s updated before I jump on it the next morning. 

On the Windows client I noticed a background agent running in the system tray. Looks like it will auto update the client as long as your computer is running during the day.

Yeah, what Mike said. You’re killing me with the update, I need to get the ride in now, waiting 30? 40? minutes for a download won’t cut it. A warning email is in order.