Updates taking forever

Honestly I’m getting sick and tired of it

I get limited time to ride and almost every time I go to ride there’s some sort of update that takes forever-

It says it takes 20 seconds to download but it takes 20 minutes or more with multiple attempts to sign in / out

What is going on with the site

How about an email notice of pending updates so that users can do when not under time constraint ???

Updates on all my Computers and iOS devise takes less than a minute to complete.

What are the specs of the device you are running Zwift on?

My updates take 1-2 min max.

I use an Acer laptop with Windows 10, 12 GB RAM, an I3 Intel 7100 CPU at 2.40 GHz.

This is not a high end gaming computer.

It might be your internet is slow or make sure your computer is free of Malware etc.

Like on Windows, it depends on how often you fire up the software. If you don’t ride regularly, do happen that an update takes forever. Just start up the software from time to time else if you’re not going to ride.


This is very plausible, I have a secondary Windows PC that i sometimes use to take Zwift pictures ant updates do take longer because I don’t use Zwift on that PC that often. But on my Cycling PC that I use at least 5 days a week it only take a few seconds.

Also my Zwift PC has minimum other programs loaded.

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I’m new to Zwift and this is the second time I have to update it. In the first time it was quite fast, only a few minutes. I have optical fiber at home and its usually pretty fast.
But today it is terribly slow, it is taking more than 2 hours. I have done a connection test and there is no problem with my internet connection.
I have noticed that Zwift has a background downloader, so it you let it start automatically you don’t even need to run the application to get the updates.
In any case it looks like there is a problem in Zwift servers probably because the number of users doing updates at the same time.

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In years they have had shoddy updates. Quicker to download the actual programme so why not update the dam programe to avoid us having to use this ■■■■ server or whatver it is?

It defeats the point of using Zwift- I ride 2/3 times a week with limited time and the updates take hours to install, so I run out of time to use the trainer - what’s the point