Zwift Update Times

It took my laptop 45 minutes to uodate zwift today. Its updated regularly, the download was tiny and it took ages to apply the uodate. Why is it so abhorrently slow? Was the launcher programmed by a toddler? Didn’t get to ride tonight, just sat in my kit in the garage thanks for waste of time

Hi @Tim_Jones3, welcome to the forums. The updates shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, I didn’t even see mine update yesterday it was so quick. Are you using Windows 10 or a Mac? Make sure you have Zwift set to “background updating” in the system tray/hidden icons (win 10).


Depends on your laptop, but a few factors are:

  • Weak CPU
  • Slow mechanical HDD
  • Cluttered storage
  • Overbearing anti-virus software
  • Loads of other tasks running
  • All of the above

Even the biggest updates should take no more than a couple of minutes to install and launch, on the slowest broadband. Something is seriously wrong for it to take 45mins. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these forums as to when updates are pushed out, then you can plan for them accordingly. It’s possible to subscribe to the ‘What’s New?’ board so you get a notification when something is posted, or check the post with the latest game version numbers.


I’m like Mike. The update today took less than 5 seconds. So it’s not Zwift’s issue. It must be your internet or computer.