I am ready to give up

I am sick of tired of Zwift’s update BS.
I have been putting up with it for years but enough is enough.
Waking up on a Saturday to work out and find that it takes half an hour for an update to run?
No more.
Zwift is not getting any more of my money until this crap stops.

It takes my pc a couple minutes to update.

What are the specs of your system and what else do you have running in the background?


Took less than a minute bro… sounds like a personal problem, not Zwifts fault.


Took me longer to put my shoes on.


My system is a bit older and took just under 3 minutes. Which is about usual.


Maybe Zwift launcher has been stopped from start up and is not pre downloading the update, or the PC is off other than when zwifting?


Took just a couple of minutes to update. Think the OP needs to look at their system.


It may be their internet connection. My updates are always less than a minute even only an old PC.


this last update took less than 30s for me

I didnt even notice the update run but I verified I am current. I am on a really high end laptop.

Automatic on apple TV TV

Multiple PC’s and none take over about 20 seconds.

Are you on dial up internet service? Seriously, I would run a connection speed test - just Google it and see where you are.

Just in time, quick and frequent updates are WAY better than waiting 6 months for a monster of an update. It’s a best practice in app maintenance. Just gotta make sure you have the connection speed.

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Comparing the update process between Zwift and Amazon Prime is like comparing apples to sunflower seeds. One is a program that is a virtual cycling platform and the other is to view streaming content off the web. The 2 are very different.

I would rather be in control of when the Zwift update gets applied, I do not want it to automatically happen in the background. No program should be allowed to up date that way.

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I am proud to be called a Zwift homer for pointing out that zwift updates did not take long at all. I will point out when I see an issue in Zwift only after checking that it not something I did wrong of broke.

But in this case it was not a Zwift issue, all of the programs I have on my pc have the popup asking if I would allow the software to make changes to my files, so when ever I do and update on any program I expect to see it.

Thanks for letting us know what the issue was.

Ride On


Dial up was an attempt at humor - sorry if it missed the mark.

However, given your initial description of your issue “connection speed” would certainly be something I would check straight away. I was not being a homer, I was trying to help.


If i new what being called a Homer means, i would know whether to take offense or not at your response

Haha, It means being an idiot. ouch, that’s mean…
After each race, I want to quit, but I only have done 250 races and 9,000 miles, so I have basis to have an opinion …

I think “fan boy” would have been a better choice here…


Ouch indeed - oh well, won’t bother trying to help Mitchell again!

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