Greetings, is there a way to add an “update” button so we can update before we want to start a riding session? It seem that several times I’m already to start a ride, I log in and “BAM” there’s an update needing to be added. Kinda frustrating having to wait when I’m ready to ride. Just putting it out there. Not sure if anyone else see’s the need. OR, could there be an indicator stating a new update is need to be run??
Larry (SoonerBikeNut)

If you are using Windows you can right click on the Zwift icon in the tray where the clock is and click update.

Typically the Companion app will have an update along with the “game.” If you do that prior to riding the Companion app tells you that there is an update.

I guess I must be lucky but my updates always take less than 5 seconds. I barely blinked and this last update was done. I use a gaming PC with 200Mbs internet.

Thanks Paul, I’ll give it a try next time.

Thanks Ray, I’ll keep that in mind as well.

Yea No Mark, mine takes much longer but I’m learning to be patient. Thanks though.

Im glad if i get 10Mbs connection, takes a few minutes to get things going!

You know what, it was not a complaint, it was just seeking advise but if you felt it was complaining, I’ll just cancel my subscription and let others know and go elsewhere.

Fred does not speak for Zwift or Zwift users.

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@Fred_B_ZHR is just being a Fred, didn’t sound like a complaint to me.