Upgraded this morning and some feedback

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #1

it would be good if the version we are running displayed prominently - esp during the beta - and likely in the save file names as well. Maybe the already do on the server side?
I got ready to ride early this morning and was then stuck upgrading for about 10 minutes. With that systray running all the time it would have been good if it had just updated overnight.
During the upgrade I got a windows pop up about running swift launcher - as if I had just downloaded it for the first time. I chalked it up to quadruple clicking and launching multiple instances so I denied it.
Once finally running, I rode for about 5-10 minutes and then had a program crash right as I saw the col dzwift sign and was spinning up for it. Glad it didn’t crash during the actual sprint!
AIs were jumpy again. Ones coming toward me would jump ahead or even laterally (one to avoid me) at times.
That’s the bad/ugly, I’ll make a separate post on the good.