Updater Options

(B rad Duncan) #1

Some options on receiving updates would be great. I completely understand that you guys want to roll out updates as soon as possible, but sometimes this actually prevents me from riding altogether. When an update takes an hour out of your training window, and it isn’t possible to ride outside, then it often means I land up missing the ride or just using the Wahoo Fitness App for the session which is so boring and the exact reason that I use Zwift: because its awesome.

I’d love some way of not having this issues. Giving it some thought I think the most flexible option (and probably easiest for you guys as well) is to have an “update on exit” option. If an update is available, then use a popup to decide to update now or at the end of the ride.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #2

Yes.  Or have an option to opt in to email alerts that an update is coming, so as to have advance notice and get it done before going out in the garage 5 minutes before an event starts.  These are sometimes mentioned in the FB groups but a user should not have to be reliant on the FB community (and some don’t care for FB) for these alerts.  A very strict release schedule approx twice a month would also help.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

What about the option to be able to skip an update for a short period of time - and have the update applied *after* your ride.