Please allow us to use your product without waiting on updates

(Simon Keyes) #1

This has been at least the second time I can’t get a zwift training session in as I have at least 20 minutes to wait until I am “allowed” to use it due to an upgrade.

I don’t care about riding New York - I have a flight to catch in 2 hours and just wanted to get a session in. Kicking up the standard TracX app now instead.

Frankly this is both a poor user experience and a poor approach to product development. It’s just lazy to make your product rely on forced updates. Moreover it restricts the service we pay for - not sure why I have paid this month as I won’t get to use it at all now. Not going to hold my breath on a refund though.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

To be fair, Zwift had a notification on the Companion app some time before the update was released warning users to allow extra time to fire up Zwift as a large update was coming.

BTW took a couple of minutes for my PC to update (fibre to my house then T-Link through the house power to my garage). If you’re on wifi it can take a long time.