Demand an Opt-Out for Updates

I think it is time we all get together an DEMAND and opt-out for these updates that are foisted on us EVERY TIME THAT WE EXECUTE THE ZWIFT PROGRAM. Not only are these annoying as h3ll when i’m ready to go for a ride, tonight they took the frustration level up several flights. After waiting for the thing download and update, whatever it did hosed my Zwift installation half way through the ride. I’m riding along as i’ve done hundreds of times before, a large group of riders comes along, just like a hundred times before. A message (i’ve never seen before) flashes up on the screen about getting a Pace Partner, and the whole damn program crashes. Kicks me completely to the desktop. Worse, I couldn’t get back into Zwift either. It would log in, then I would get a blank gray screen every time.

Enough is enough. Give us an opt-out, or a way to turn automatic updates off. That way, we can install them when we want them, if we want them, and after we have read through the forums to see if anyone else has had problems with them.

I’d rather that full testing was carried out before hand. Feels a bit Mickey Mouse.


Updates come out every month, at the end of the month. It sounds like you only use Zwift once a month.

If you do not install the update, it causes issues for other users. A big problem is users in the same world, on different versions of the software.


My experience for some balance… updates complete within 60 seconds. Never had an issue after an update (other than having to re-pair devices). Never had a system crash during free ride or large event.

I use a dedicated mid-high end gaming laptop and have 70mb internet connection.

I use an old macbook pro 2015, integrated graphic, and like Martyn, the update takes no more than 60 seconds and never had a crash. My guess is the force update the client so that way they have a control on how they behave so it’s compatible with the change they make server-side. I would not expect that behaviour to change anytime soon.

Your assumption is incorrect. I have used Zwift several times this month. There is an update EVERY TIME I LOG ON. There is not a long wait, as I have a good internet connection. But every minute does count, as I’m usually up for a ride, then off to work. I don’t have time to dik around with a daily experiment to see how extreme of a level they can take their programming OCD to.

Give us an opt-out, thoroughly test the updates before release, or gather it all up for a large release once a month, not every damn day. Godawmighty, even Windblows is not this bad!

OK, there must be something wrong with your PC then.

Here is a link to the Zwift Updates and it does look like it is only release once a month unless there is a major issue (like the current iOS/BLE issue).


In fairness due to various issues recently that required bug fix releases, there have been game updates on:
Nov 23rd
Dec 1st
Dec 17th
Dec 28th
Dec 30th
Jan 6th
Jan 14th
Jan 21st

So not far off weekly. Most of them take seconds though unless you’re a potato owner.

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Every month, ehh? Today…

Whatever it did last night screwed up my Zwift install. I get to those goofy little loading screens, then it goes blank. I can still hear that it is doing something, but there is no video. Just a gray screen. Going to try uninatall/reinstall.

Jan 25th


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That doesn’t count. :wink:

Edit: Oh, didn’t realise there was a release for PC today too, thought it was just gonna be for Apple. You win!

I don’t support this. And support forcing the updates. Sry.


I agree.


It seem like you use windowed mode and the update now button move to the top left of the screen leaving the whole screen gray. close all other windows and look in the top left.

Do you use borderless gaming?

No, I use full screen. As soon as the the game goes to the loading screen, it turns the complete screen gray. No buttons, no minimize, maximize, nothing. It is still running, as I can hear the “bloop” sounds it is making. CTRL+ALT+DEL does not kill minimize the program or bring up the task manager. The only way to recover is to restart the computer. And as I’ve said, this did not happen until the update that downloaded last night when I started Zwift.

One would have imagined that Zwift launcher (sitting in the windows notification area) would have implemented “Background Updating”, and would, well, background update.

But wait! this is exactly how it is… it does have “Background Updating”, and its selected!

So, how come it never background updates??


I asked that question years ago. I’ve never seen that background updating on a Windows PC does any updating before I manually start the main app to start a ride.


I don’t think it fully update when background updating is turned on, what I suspect is it download all the files to be ready to update.


It can’t actually update due to UAC.


It all depends on whether it tries to run as Administrator… :wink:

So, if it can’t update (but see above), why do they have this tick?

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