Issues with trial

I have two attempts at Zwift

  1. Yesterday logged in ready to do a workout and the program was updating. No idea how long that would take and no time to waste waiting
  2. I did the ride today and ok can see it would be great, but guess what, program crashes and I lose ride data, just as well the Garmin was on.

You’ve got to tell people when updates are occurring and it needs to be reliable. Thumbs down for me, I won’t be signing up.

Hi Steve. We hear you about game updates. You can click to “Follow” Zwift Game posts under What’s New to automatically receive emails about releases. We hope to add push notifications in the near future as well.

Sorry to hear about your crash. Zwift saves all of your data locally as well. Your FIT file right up until the crash can be found in \Documents\Zwift\Activities.

Here are some troubleshooting tips. If you still experience a crash, please open a support ticket and send us your latest log.txt as well as ComputerSpecs.txt file located in your \Documents\Zwift\Logs folder. this will help us pinpoint the issue.

Thanks and hope to see you back out there! 




If someone has no interest in finding out a reason for or a solution to a problem then what is the point in posting in the first place?

As for updates…whenever there’s been one in the ten weeks or so I’ve been using Zwift it tells me how long the update takes to download and install as soon as I enter the program. Yesterday was 30 seconds. Hardly a time waster.