Updates galore!

Zwift, why do you have updates as often as you do? It’s a PITA and I’m getting tired of waiting almost every time I do a trainer ride. Why can’t you give an option to upgrade after a ride?

There’s been 4 in the last month. One main update and three tiny patches.


The patches often include far more than the release notes mention, which means additional files to download, extract and overwrite. Happens quite regularly.


Many users are begging for updates and bug fixes. It would be nice if some updates could be optional for a period of time, but that adds complexity to testing, which is an added cost to the development process. My guess is Zwift gets more heat for not updating than they do for updating. I try to start the app a few minutes before I plan to use it, just in case an update might get in the way of my event start time.

In the main, the relatively high frequency of updates is due to the single scheduled monthly update introducing several new major bugs.

So then several patches get rolled out later in the month, to fix those emergent bugs (because waiting another month to fix them would be hugely disruptive to lots of users).

The proper way to improve this would be to not introduce any major bugs in a new release. Based on past experience, that seems easier said than done, however.

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