Zwift updates WHY?

why are there so many updates,
zwift companion seems to need updating every other day otherwise i just get ‘loading’.

to fix bugs, and then there is the monthly update where we hope to get new roads and features added (sometimes we are lucky).

The companion app is not updated all that much, certainly not every other day. Sounds like you might be having issues specific to your setup?


It’s an iPhone 12,that’s it, doesn’t even have zwift on it just the companion app?

Hard wire/ fibre broadband so no connection issues

So why ?

So why, what? Are you still talking about the number of Companion app updates, or something else? I only get a ZCA update once a month, or even less, and never ‘every other day’.

Definitely an issue with the OP’s setup if having issues.

Updates are very infrequent and certainly not every other day.
Also having issues loading the app consolidates the theory that there’s an issue that end.

Companion app version/update history from my iPhone12 mini. Def not very often. And I have had zero issues w/the Companion app.