Multiple bugs post latest update

Just tried to ride the HERD social ride, heaps of people doing circles, riding offroad, getting dropped off the back then re-appearing off the front. I thought I had escaped the problems but at 32 mins in Zwift crashed and my ride was over.
Please fix it ASAP, it shouldn’t happen every update but it still does. I thought the 100’s of millions of dollars raised were being used to make the game stable. Well it’s not…

I think a lot of the issues you mentioned are due to people not having updated to the latest version yet, and will subside in short order. If you are still seeing these issues in a week you may want to bring this topic back to the top again.

I had same issue last night. I had updated, everyone going in circles, going off-road, going off the front then been dropped. At least half the riders last night had this problem. If it’s necessary for everyone to have the update then make it an obligatory update. It’s not fair on everyone else. BTW I think the fence is daft, flyers will be flyers, we have enough “controls” in real life.

I think there are problems with this insofar as different platforms make the update available at different times. For example, the Apple store might be slow in pushing a new version out.

If everyone in-game needed to be running the same client, that would also necessitate kicking everyone out so they can patch and restart. That wouldn’t be a very welcome thing, especially given Zwift is a global community. A good time for those in the EU might be peak time for NA or Australasia.

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Yes. I know what you mean.and understand the implications.

However in the past I have been required to install the latest update of Zwift before starting a ride. If this same method had been applied yesterday everyone would have been on the new version. I use apple BTW so I don’t think were causing an availability delay.

As far as I know, yesterday it was required just as always. In my experience, when I start the Zwift launcher it downloads and applies the update. I’ve never been asked if I want to patch now or later.

It’s more likely that the cause is people who were already running the game when the update landed, I think.

It might be different on iOS platforms though - I use Windows. And in that case if the patch were delayed for any reason, they’d have to be allowed in without the latest version I reckon, since they’re paying for a service and being told “nope, you can’t use it today” isn’t a good thing.

Strangely enough I didn’t see a UAC prompt in Windows for yesterday’s update. I actually got the iOS update first, then I started the Windows version to update but got no prompt, but when the game started up it was already the new version. For me the Android version came last and I had to force update.

I wasn’t asked to update either… but I did as I spotted the update was available. iOS aswell Marty.

Today during a group ride up the volcano kom, several of us reported that everyone disappeared off the screen and lava etc disappeared. The rider list etc still showed as well as chat, but the riders themselves and their bikes simply vanished and reappeared about 10 secs later. This happened repeatedly today. It wasn’t an internet dropout as I confirmed this with a zwiftalizer log check and everything was rock solid and as it happened to multiple people it shows that it must be zwift related. I as well as others are all updated with latest zwift versions.


Riders missing and bikes missing etc

Had the same on the SAS Friday Arvo Hills ride last night - only happened on the volcano and when descent almost complete, back to normal. We had a bit of a chat about it and everyone had the same symptons. I have done that ride most fridays for a while now and its only happened since last update.