Where is this guy going?

He actually did a 180 around that pole…

(Fully updated, re-installed windows/Zwift/Companion, removed OneDrive, disabled 2.4GHz BT/BLE/WiFi, sprinkled magic dust over by bike, no major continent movement I am aware of, etc.)

I’ve seen random riders flying across my screen as well. It’s utterly shocking that cyclists can’t follow the simple rules of the road, even in a virtual world.


This is most likely someone who is not on the current version of Zwift after the recent update to fix the keep together function in meetups and group workouts. I would also assume that everything looks fine on that users screen, we don’t always see the same thing that other users see (such as standing up in the saddle when on hills).

These events make me chuckle and sometimes forget the pain I am suffering! :grinning:

You must be kidding, right? :confused: Zwift hasn’t seen any major tectonic moment for some time now, as far as I am ware of.

“not on current version” has been beaten to death, and has served it’s purpose as a scapegoat. This has been happening for too many versions, for such a long time now, as to preclude this as the issue’s source.

My guess is its a “ghost”: a rider riding in another world gets rendered in the current rider’s world (i.e., another bug Zwift simply doesn’t care enough to fix…)

You might be right, I have no idea. The “different version” excuse has been the only explanation that I have heard.