Zwift is a mess these days

Too many bugs. *
Companion app is unstable. In and out of game. Pu`s freeze.

  • Late join has different bugs. Sends the rider in the wrong direction. Stops and sayst he ride is finished in the middle of the ride.
  • Wrong distance in races. Says its a few km`s left, then is suddenly finished.

All of these happens on a regular bases.

Funny. I’m not having any of these problems. That points to a lot of variability in user experience and to the difficulty of coding for, and testing, every possible configuration.

Many of the issues also seem to be with factors outside Zwifts control (Windows Virtual Memory settings is a recent example).

It’s not perfect by any means but a generic whinge like yours isn’t going to help get any of your issues resolved.


These issues?

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On the contrary. When many users experince these on a regular bases, their not getting what they pay for. The number of different bugs are getting higher and thats why I mention them together… Did not have all of these in earlier versions. Somebody should be able to fix it, within the Zwift team if they want to/can be bothered.

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That about sums it up for me

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No. I agree with Colin, don’t have any issues. You falsely conflate your problems and those reported here to everybody. It’s the nature of forums that people with issues will predominate and so create a false perspective.

Cool story, bro.


Companion app needs to be on the same network.

Late join is being worked on, for now enter the event 5min Early.

Rest assured zwift has seen and is working on all bugs posted in these forums whether they comment on them or not, whether they are moved to known issues or not and even if they have remained unchanged for months or years. You’d be silly to assume otherwise.


Chris is 100% correct. Zwift are actively working on improving all parts of the program and adding new features.

Some things take longer than others and some will be fixed when new features are released.

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(And the forum software doesn’t understand either)


“I’m alright, Jack”

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You’re right! We should try posting detailed bug reports instead… so they can be ignored.


Yes, I am alright, in fact a lot of us are alright, an awful lot of us are alright, in fact most of us are absolutely fine. I wasn’t saying there are no problems, just its incorrect to assume that some people with issues means everybody have issues. So meanwhile, if you have anything actually useful or meaningful to say rather than single sentence flippant answers lets hear it.

Sometimes I’m surprised something like Zwift works as well as it does for as many people as it does work for.

I was a kid when my dad was building up computers in the pre-plug-n-play days, but I remember it could take him a whole day to install a video card. And sometimes it took a day to get the card to work with the motherboard, only to find out that it’s incompatible with the sound card. Plug-n-play put an end to (almost) all of that. So now, when a piece of software comes out, it has to meet really only two standards–PC and Mac. It doesn’t have to meet the standards of 35 video card makers that are all different, because those video card makers are already doing the standardizing.

But with something like Zwift, you’re adding the new dimension of trainers and sensors. And those companies are not standardized to the same extent that the computers themselves are. So instead of producing a piece of software that has to work with your computer, it has to be software that has to work with your computer…or phone…or tablet and the trainer or sensors you have. So now three possible fail points between the three elements.

None of that is to say that any given person isn’t having problems. But it does mean that you’ll get exactly this–plenty of people experiencing no significant problems at all (no bugs that make the software unusable), and others experiencing problems that do make it unusable. Without data as to how many are in either camp, all we have is extrapolating from personal experience and word of mouth.


I will say–including my wife and myself, my team has 5 other people who are on Zwift, and I’ve got a brother-in-law and his son who have gotten on recently too. My wife and I aren’t having any issues, neither are two of the teammates. One teammate has occasional connection issues he (computer guy himself) thinks is his laptop’s BT antenna. Another teammate was having serious issues, but she and I (and Wahoo agreed) determined that it was her Kickr not putting out a power signal reliably. My b-i-l is having some issues with his Garmin speed sensor that we can’t figure out the causes of yet. My suspicion is either the sensor itself or too many devices trying to connect to it.

So that right there is three sometimes not able to use Zwift, and for a variety of reasons, because there are so many factors involved. Makes it really hard in anyone’s case to find out the problem.

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In the early days, it was better known as Shrug-n-Pray.


I’ve heard my dad use that term before :slight_smile: His team built the hardware for the first computer that Gates wrote an OS for. He didn’t always like what Gates did with Windows as a business, but he always credited Gates/Windows with driving the plug-n-play revolution.

I’m not sure there’s room in the trainer industry for one company to strongarm the others into some better standards. We consumers might benefit from that is some ways if it happened (and lose out in other ways of course).

Thank you Tom_J for some considered comments.

I work in support for a company who’s products include voice over ethernet phones. Because it was realtime audio, any issue in the customer network would show up by affecting phone calls first. We had to warn our resellers that they would always be the first to be blamed, would spend hours diagnosing the issues, and then 9 times out of 10 find it was caused by something else on the customer’s network that their own IT or staff had done. Now a decade later that hasn’t really changed but we and IT have gotten better at knowing the likely causes without needing the hours of IP traffic analysis. And maybe that’s part of this, Zwift and others are still on the journey to being a mature technology.

I don’t deny Zwift has issues. Apple TV seems like a dream product for drawing in new customers and yet it appears to be a lightning rod for issues. But people who aren’t having issues rarely come to forums to say so, so the perspective created from any forum can be very false.

I’ve been using Apple TV since day one (over 2 years) and I’ve had very, very few issues.

One log-in problem mysteriously surfaced (but wasn’t a show-stopper) then simply disappeared again months later after either a Zwift or ATV update.

The only other ongoing issue, for me, has been the flakey performance of the Companion app bluetooth bridge, meaning I can’t pair via this route reliably, so I don’t bother with it anymore. Other than that, it has been pretty straightforward and bullet-proof for me.

Probably jinxed it all now :laughing:

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