Stats don't add up

I’ve done more in the last 30 days than all time. My last ride was lost. Its on the activity list but cant view details. Its in the 30 day totals but not in the all time totals. Zwift really needs to start getting the basics right.

This is a know bug, if you look in-game your miles will be correct.

Not correct on in game menu screen. Is that where you meant?

Zwift is a brilliant platform but I think the dev teams need a ‘fixing the simple things’ stream before working on more dinosaurs. Though I loved the dinosaurs. If Zwift dont sort out their quality assurance somebody else will come along and do it better. The forums and facebook groups are full of new and interesting ‘features’ on a daily basis. Its not really good enough.

Which do you think is correct, the All Time of the 30 Days?

On the ZCA and within the Zwift app mine both show the same All Time miles. I am way beyond 30 days on Zwift so the I really don’t see the difference anymore.

This is a know bug that has existed for a very long time and once you get past 30 days you will never notice it. It does not effect your levels or anything else, it is just a bug on the ZCA that shows the All Time and 30 different.

The bigger numbers are correct. I have a spreadsheet!

I accept this is not going to ruin my enjoyment of zwift and that I wouldn’t notice in the longer term. I’ve been running on zwift for some time and haven’t noticed it there although it may have happened.

The fact it’s ‘a known bug that has existed for a very long time’ reinforces my point that it’s not really good enough though. I’m not putting zwift down, I think it’s excellent. BUT it is a premium subscription product and there are a lot of these little bugs. It gives the impression of being in beta testing but remember we are paying more for this than netflix, spotify, amazon, other subscription games, and as such we should expect a high quality service. As market leader in a new segment they can get away with it, the audience is largely middle age men with disposable income who are enthusiastic about what they offer so we forgive a lot. We expect these bugs and work around them. We shouldn’t have to.

Anyway, that’s my rant/lecture for today :smiley:

Thanks for the info Paul

Ride On! :ride_on:

First of all, Strava and Zwift need an export option for excel!

I just added up all my virtual rides from Strava (which are all Zwift rides) from Dec. 25th 2018 to today and compared to the totals on on the ZCA. Zwift totals match on each platform and come in at 2372 miles. Strava says 2404.4 miles… missing 32.4 miles.

So I went through all my activities on the ZCA and noticed some differences right away. Rounding, Strava doesn’t round up or down, Zwift does. One of my rides in the ZCA was missing about 7.3 miles compared to the same date/ride on Strava. When I tried to open it in the ZCA it has the error message that it is missing ride data. So there’s a few more miles missing. Total miles when adding up all the activities in the ZCA is 2397.53, add in the missing 7.3 miles and the total would be 2404.83. Very close to the Strava number and explained with the rounding differences.

Bottom line, Zwifts totals are off…

Zwift don’t count rides, that are not properly saved.
I have a few rides, that were not saved correctly due to the ‘german language bug’ last season.
Today my PC crashed two times.
I’m missing now 131.3km and 1758hm.
You see the rides that are not properly saved as ‘11/11/2019’ rather than ‘Yorkshire’ or ‘Watopia’ in