All time KM vs. 30 days KM

Why are my “all time” stats showing lower KM, climbed meters and total time vs. my “30 days” stats?

Does that make sense?

Thanks, Juergen

This is actually a known issue that we’ve been working on, we talk about it on this page. It’s a display issue only, so you don’t need to worry about your information being incorrect on your account. I’d suggest checking that page periodically to see when a fix has been implemented.

Ride On!

Hello, SInce I am having this same issue am I to assume that after six months this is still not fixed? Thank you, Chris

Bug still seems to be present, as there is a difference in my ‘all time’ vs ‘30 day’ stats, with the 30 day being higher.

Is this bug still being looked at? It seems like it is taking an awful long time to resolve.