Minor bug in Stats

I’ve been riding on Ziwift since the 8th June (about 27 days) and I noticed last night that my All Time total is smaller than my 30 day total.  It seems that my last ride has not been included in the All Time total.  The total altitude climbed is also smaller.

So as of today my stats are:

All Time 892KM (13.3K climbed)
30 Day 922KM (14.0K climbed)

My last ride yesterday was 39.1km (800m).  So it seems that has not been included in the All Time count.  I guess its only noticeable for the first 30 days, then the bug becomes harder to spot.  The 7 day total seems ok.

Is this the right place to report this?




Thanks Robin. We’ve got it on the list to fix :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. All my stat info is less on the All Time view than my last 30 days or 7 days.