All Time Stats Not Updating But 30 and 7 Day Totals are Fine


I’ve just started with Zwift and I’ve noticed my All Time stats haven’t updated since I logged my first ride. In the companion app my 30 Day and 7 Day running totals are updating though, i.e. my 7 day total is currently larger than my All Time total. Looking at my profile on the Zwift website I can see all my activities listed, but the running total is still stuck on that first activity.

I notice someone posted a thread on this previously, but it died without a fix.

Any thoughts?

This is a known issues do to Zwift pulling data from 2 different sources.


Cheers Paul :slight_smile:
That would make sense as my first ride was logged using a PC, and the other ride was on my phone. I assume that this bug is on the developers list of issues to fix at some point? Also, when it is fixed I would hope there is no risk of data (activity) loss?

That is not what I meant. Zwift pulls from to different data sources, it does not matter what device that you did the activity on.

After 30 days you will not even notice it and there will be no loss of data.

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Ah, sorry. So what you are saying is that the All Time stats will eventually update by themselves?

Yes, after 30 days you will not notice it.

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Cheers Paul, I appreciate your help. :+1: :+1: