'All Time' vs '30 Days' discrepancies/impossibilities

So I only recently joined Zwift (very near to 30 days ago), so this may be a problem that doesn’t affect a lot of people. Looking at my stats in the Companion App, and swapping between All Time and 30 Days, I’m seeing the following:

-All Time distance 3km longer than 30 Days distance.
-All Time ‘time’ (duration) 35 minutes less than 30 Days time.

My first ever Zwift ride was less than 30 days ago, so really neither of these things should be true. The second one is really puzzling though.

I really don’t care, just noticed this and thought maybe it was a symptom of something else under the hood that might cause more problems. So, anyway…there you go :smiley:

I’ve also somehow climbed 1m less All Time than I have in the last 30 Days (again, haven’t been a user for 30 days yet), and I’ve burned 4 slices more pizza in the last 30 days than I have All Time.

This bug has been around since the dawn of time… can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed yet. :flushed:


I’m sure you can :rofl:

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Well, my students these days tell me that I’ve been around since the dawn of time, so I guess it’s only fitting.

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