Difference between alltime distance and monthly/weekly distance

I‘ve difference between my alltime and my weekly distance. I think That my alltime distance doesnt count my new km‘s. The weekly or month km are correct! I Ride on AppleTV 4K with Wahoo Kickr Core.

Is it normal?

Are you saying you’d already done 109km more than 30 days ago? Because you’d expect “All time” to be more than the past 30 or 7 days if you’ve been riding for longer than that.

I Start Riding with Zwift for the First time on 16. nov 2019. i think That alltime distance means the Full distance since i‘ve started my first Workout. And there are only 48km and not the 109km which i‘ve done since 16. nov.

Hello @Marcel_Weber1

Welcome to the Zwift forums! Would you confirm if your account page on my.zwift.com shows the same discrepancy?

Here’s a few possible reasons, starting with the not-to-worry and ending with some important tips.

1.There is a known issue where the all-time distance and 30 day distances may not match because the all-time data is being pulled from a different source than the 7 and 30 day numbers.We’re working on that known issue.

  1. When you finish a ride, you should always “save & exit,” then force close the Zwift game app. When you save & exit, the game app uploads all the details to our server.

If you don’t take this step every time, your ZC app locally captures the entire ride because your devices are on the same Wifi network, but our server may capture only the mid-ride autosaves the game app sent across the internet. That can be another source of unmatched game stats.

  1. Because I work at Zwift HQ, I can see you’ve been trying different devices to run the Zwift game app: mostly AppleTV, sometimes iPhone, and occasionally a Macbook Air. Nothing wrong with that - we hope you narrowed it down to your favorite. It’s super-important to run the game app on one device at a time because the server logs everything from your first log-in to the last log-out across all devices. When multiple devices run the game app simultaneously, it throws off data sent to the server.

To save yourself some heartache, please get in the habit of saving & exiting each session, then force-close the Zwift game app to ensure that your ride details upload correctly to the server.


Hey @shooj! thx for your feedback.

Normally i use only Zwift on AppleTV with the Zwift Companion App on iPhone. Is this a Problem? I think the Companion app is a second way to control my Zwift Workout or isn’t it?

on my.zwift.com i see only 48km in the statistic at the top of the page (viewed with iPhone). But under the Summary i can the all my Workouts with all my kilometers.

btw. sorry for my bad english. i must work on it :wink:

This setup will work just fine.

I see that you’re in Germany? You should know that support.zwift.com launched last month in German. Here’s our German article about Zwift Companion’s functions.

Today i‘ve done another workout on Apple TV. The distance count to the all time Stats. Ist Works Fine. But my Last Workouts doesnt came back to the all time Stats. Does ist count in the next time or is it lost?

And again: my Last Ride (today) doesn‘t count to the alltime Stats. It count only to the 30 days Stats. I Ride only on Apple TV and After the Ride i turned auto back to London. Dont know what i do wrong on Zwift…
@shooj can u help? U can See my Rides on Strava too (all rides!)

But i Must say, i Could Not Save the Ride separatly bevor i Auto transfer back to London. The time After the Ride Goes to 0. is That the Problem?


Having the same problem. Just started out with Zwift but noticing a difference in 30 days kms (315) and my all time stats (274). I hope this will get fixed. You can find all my rides in Strava as well.

Same problem here on the 18th of December I had a ride of 37,7 km, the total number of km only increased by 3 km, the 30 day sum was increased correct. On the 20th of December I had another ride of 47,6 km and the total number of km increased by 6 km, this time also the 30 day sum was wrong it only increased by 38 km.

Come on Zwift, this can’t be difficult to do right.

And again. Whats wrong with the Stats? I‘ve finished the odz Event this Morning and the Stats will only count to the 7days Stats, Not to the alltime Stats After ending the Event.

And i See That i also Missed 500 Meters altitude Difference

Same problem here. I only use my pc via swift companion. And in swift companion the sum of km does not equal the sum of my registered rides if you sum them up individually. Very frustrating. Is that really such a big Problem to solve? The Problem might be if you do a race abd dont save before u get autotransferred back to another world the data wont show up in the alltime stats. I saved my last ride after i got transferred back and my 42 km ride was only saved in the single races but not in all time. Strava Upload always works fine…this should be fixed soon