Very Poor QA

Please buy a code diff tool and perform code reviews. The dogfood that is being checked in and rolled out for Alpe Du Zwift is embarrassing.

  1. Windows PC app
  2. Road signs are black and have no turn images. Nice Z-order on the label
  3. No way stage 3 is only a yellow difficulty. 4-5 10% grades and one of the longer sections…Developer rolls dice…Yellow!!!
  4. What in the heck is the PR graph showing no one knows!
  5. Make up your mind on the Ride on icons in the Road. What sets their timing? What do they actually do, sometimes they give a perk and others they don’t, the interval seems random, the gifts seem random
  6. Somewhere around stage 16 you have a yellow/orange with a 15% slope…
  7. When you finish the race it doesn’t show the Alpe leader board, it shows some other random stage. This is with rotating stage leaderboards set in preferences

Sorry to turn this into a job interview, but please name a VCS that doesn’t ship with revision comparison.

Microsoft SourceSafe? :smiley: I guess maybe PVCS? I suppose either or both might have an after-the-fact diff tool even though they’re pessimistic locking versioning systems.

That must have been the reason why they acquired GitHub :joy:

SourceSafe…haha the good ole days!

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Surly, you refer to Microsoft’s “Delta”…

They went on to take over TallTree’s SourceSafe…

Or so I’ve been told…

Maybe Zwift’s ambitions have outgrown the capabilities of the codebase and whatever underlying frameworks they are using. It may be suffering from the curse of complexity.

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Maybe they are busy doing the “great re-write” in order to have a completely new GUI and graphical experience.

Possibly, this would make it less interesting to fix bugs, while still maintaining the incentive to create new routes.

(I’ve no idea if this is even remotely related to reality… just guessing)

After 12 years as a software developer, I hate to tell you what the odds are.


I use a Windows PC and don’t have any issues on the Alp. I think the Alp never has a 15% that I can recall. Maybe a brief 12 or 13 but almost all is 8-10%. Ride-ons are random. They are from other people and can occur at any time.

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Totally agree. I work professionally as software QA for 15 years and started Zwifting recently… Looks like no QA at all there… The idea of gathering bugs from users will finally finish with losing Zwift users.
The QA approach should be preventing problems before release, not just verifying bug fixes or going through simple test cases.