Is Alpe Du Zwift becoming to 'buggy'?

Hi all,

I’ve climbed the Alpe du Zwift more that 200 times. But the original concept of simulating Alpe D’Huez was a great idea, but since then it has been littered with bugs that are not fixed.

For well over a year the PR stats for each sector was showing incorrect times. I had a PR of 1 second for sector 22! The power ups hardly work at all, what is the point of having them. And now my PRs for my sectors HAVE completely disappeared. WTF?

Really if the code monkeys can’t fix these issues, hire new code monkeys.

Attached is the problem I found today. NO PR stats at all!!

This is really becoming a joke Zwift.

Random defects in all sprints is the norm. It just keeps getting worse and worse. For a few months now meetup sprints award everyone jerseys and show as the only one as number 1.
Laughable part is when they tinker with the code and it’s behavior obviously changes. The release or patch notes are 100% blind to anything.
Tech support admitted defects in Jan so sprint defects are still on my list of zwift acknowledged defects. O well.