Multiple Alpe bugs

I Zwift with an ATV4k and Elite Direto, and companion app on an iphone XR. All software always up to date on every ride.

I’ve ridden the full Alpe 4 times, each time with a PR over the previous rides, and have experienced several bugs:

1)On my 3rd and 4th rides, the timer on the segments did not show the previous PR time for the current segment, although I rode each ascent within a week or two of the previous one. It was as if I was ascending for the first time. Super pain for pacing. I know this works sometimes, as on my second full ascent, the segment PRs from my first ascent showed as they should.
2)On my last ascent two ascents, the 2nd and 3rd power ups didn’t register - I just rode through the flashing power-up area on the map and nothing happened (I didn’t receive just Exp, they just plain didn’t register any power up at all).
3)On my 3rd summit, the wheel of fortune didn’t show at all.

Anybody else having flaky Alpe ascents?

For #2, were you doing a structured workout?

No, all were free rides for sure (I never use workouts).

I’ve seen at least one other complaint of this happening to someone else too.

PU #2 and #3 rarely, if ever, work for me. Everything else works reliably though.

The sector PB data worked once and not the second time (I’ve only ridden the Alpe 3 times since that was enabled).

I rode it tonight launched as Road to the Sky. Powerup #1 triggered, #2 and #3 did not (despite arriving with time on the clock). Also, the spinner jammed at the top (it never spun and I didn’t get a prize) and was displayed all the way down the hill until it disappeared as I crossed the start of the climb.

Sector PB data was good.