Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021] [SOLVED]

Alpe crash few minutes ago :dizzy_face:


  1. Is this on the latest release (1.20)?
  2. Was this in an event/meetup, or just a free ride?

I thought I saw someone comment somewhere that the ATV Alpe bug might only be in events/meetups, so trying to get more info on that.

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Excuse my french.

I’d really like this bug to be fixed!

Nice graph though, man- looks like you found a little bit left for the finish line!

Interesting, my recent rides up the alpe (that resulted in crashes) were all in events.

I wonder if that’s the issue. If so, having a workaround of just free-riding alongside my friends would be far preferable to the crashes.

Event, but it was still old 1.9x version.
So need to update it manually.

Hi @Tero_Valimaa welcome to Zwift forums.
Thanks for attaching the image. That definitely isn’t supposed to happen.

I split off the posts from the v1.20 game release note thread because as you noted - you were still using v1.19. Would like to get to the bottom of this on a thread dedicated to this issue.

Questions for you:

  1. I can see that you successfully logged out of this Road to Sky session despite the visual glitch. Did you save and exit using the Companion app?
  2. You can verify that the session saved successfully if you look at your Activities (either in the Companion app or on webpage). Is it there?

We are investigating why this is happening, and @David_Atkinson_2210 mention that this happens in an Event is a clue we’ll chase down.

For others also having this issue, please tell us:

  • Which OS platform you’re using to run the Zwift game app in the game app Is it something other than AppleTV?
  • What OS version is that computer / mobile device running?
  • Which Zwift game version are you running? It will say 1.20.x (1.0.XXXXX) during app startup)
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Check out this thread @shooj, it has been reported a lot:

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There are a couple of known issue tickets around similar symptoms. We’re investigating where there’s work left to be done.

  1. I saw in companion app that my avatar is moving, but I can’t stop game with companion app.
    So I google a bit and found that force shutdown app and start it again might get you back in the game. And for me that works and then I managed get back this crashed session to save ride as normally. sadly without screenshot :slight_smile:
  2. My session saved successfully, even the whole downhill part of it.
    This was also an event.

Is there a way to see what version of zwift was in use when a particular ride happened?

I’ve been stricken with the crash problem twice recently, several weeks apart. I have not tried the new update. However in the past I have been fairly persistent with making sure to update zwift prior to my rides.

First crash:

Sun, 11/21/2021, group ride among friends wanting to do the Uber Pretzel route. I was able to complete the route, and see the wide angle view of the statues at the top of the Alpe, but the game crashed shortly after the camera zoomed back into my avatar.

Sun, 12/12/2021, Another group ride among friends trying to complete the Four Horsemen route. There were four of us in the group and two (myself and one other) using AppleTV’s. Both users on AppleTV had their app crash at the same point on the route, the same spot as the crash on 11/21. Since the route continued on after the top of the Alpe, neither of us were able to get the route badge. We had to quit from our initial rides and start new rides, following along the other group members who were not affected by the crash.

I have done Alpe du Zwift 5 times and on every occasion when I cross the finish line to descend again, it crashes. 4 times with Apple TV and the 5th on my iPad.

Happened to me too, today and last Saturday. In a meet-up and at the top when passing under the banner to descend avatar just stops dead. Trainer (Tacx Nea 2T) is still descending as long as I keep pedalling enough to reach the downhill. Session won’t end and save via normal AppleTV actions. On both occasions I’ve had to force close the app then log back in and ‘resume’ activity. At this point the ride logs on Strava and companion app. Running latest versions of everything.

Did a Road To Sky event last week (using Apple TV) and it also crashed just before the descent. Restarted the app, and was asked if I wanted to continue my ride. My complete ride was saved, but it didn’t save the event data.
Was planning to get the Four Horseman badge this week, but don’t want to risk a couple of hours of sweat. Please fix this Zwift!

AppleTV 3rd gen., always up to date with iOS and Zwift version. Went up the Alpe many times in the last months, always as a free ride. Never had a problem. Today first attempt in a group ride - it froze at the beginning of the descent. Did a force quit of Zwift, logged in again and was able to save the activity. I was lucky that I was prepared.

Is there anybody that had this crash while not in a meet-up / group ride / event?

Same thing on Sunday, 12/19/21 during WEDU event. Using Apple TV and companion on iphone, both using most recent updates. No issues until going around top and just under banner to start descent and TV froze. Companion still working. Had to exit out of TV and able to come back in, and it recognized that I had a previous ride, which I was then able to save. But it also restarted me at a different place, rather than where I was on companion app. Had done Alpe as free ride the week before with no issues.

Hi there , it is really frustrating now that when one is completing the Alpe D’uez via Road to Sky that one can no long descend which I have previously done many times before without glitches .

As soon as I pass the banner on the top of the climb and make my way to the descent it completely freezes and has done so the last few times with the most recent being 19 December 2021 .

After countless attempts to get back to the top of the Descent as soon as you start pedalling , crashes and freezes again and again …

This is a real shame and needs addressed asap whether on an a registered event or a group meet up(all crashed) please advise.

Thanks Brian

See this thread: Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021]

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Thanks Mike I did indeed see it , yes that’s exactly the graphics that are displayed once you commence the descent … and that’s the end of your ride .

I have been using the most up to date version of Zwift via IOS …

I’ve been making as much noise as I can about this stupid glitch.

I did discover that the zwift app is still potentially running fine in the background, it’s just the graphics that are frozen. Last time it frose on the alpe I had companion open on my phone, and I could see that my avatar was still moving and my watts were still being read. So I rode down to the bottom of the mountain, force quit the zwift app, then fired zwift back up, and was able to resume my ride. It put me right next to other people from my group, although the group ride I had been riding had ended at the top of the alpe. Your mileage may vary.