Alpe de Zwift - glitch

It happened twice to me finished Alpe just before the downhill the screen got frozen and I didn´t get the well deserved downhill. Last friday and two weeks ago. And yes speedtest of my wifi brought good results. The pic shows where I ended at the 3rd try to get to downhill. The races could be saved. edit: playing on iPad. Alpe glitch

Apple TV?

If so, see My Apple TV has hung

No. I´m playing on iPad.

I have had the same problem twice. I raced up the Alpe a couple weeks ago and it crashed just before the downhill. Fortunately, I was still able to save my race, but it got saved twice. Yesterday I had the same situation in the Zwift Academy pro contract race. I was so desperate to make sure it saved because of the high stakes in this race, that I tried 16 times! I saved it 26 times but it doesn’t show up as a race in any of those saves. It does appear in Zwift Power. I hope this problem can be fixed.

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Interesting. I wonder if it’s the same issue, just less common on iPad?

I am playing on ATV. The last 4 Alpe climbs I have done, the game crashes after I have gone under the banner to begin the descent. My screen freezes. I am able to continue riding blind and watch my dot on the companion app, and stop my ride from there, but no point continuing to ride after that, as can’t see anything!
I also did my ZA workout 3 on a meet up on Road to Sky. I was awarded the workout badge, but it has since disappeared. Is there any way I can be credited for it ??
Extremely disheartening when I am trying to get my ■■■■■■■■■ badge - who knows whether any of these will be counted!

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I did Road to Sky yesterday using the newest Zwift update (available yesterday). It was uneeventful. I went up, around the top and all the way back down to the bottom w/out issue. I also know a few others who use AppleTV and regularly ride AdZ w/out issue.

Double check that your Apple TV OS is updated to the latest version along with the latest version of Zwift.

Lastly, if you don’t do so already, force quit Zwift after each session.

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Still happening every time I finish the Alpe during the lap around up top when the camera view changes to the over view from above.

First off, I haven’t had any issues on the Alpe using ATV, just as some others have also said. I wonder if it’s some other piece of connected equipment that is causing this. (I use a Neo 2 and Garmin Dual HRM, both connected directly to the game through ATV.)

Second, have you tried changing the camera view so that it doesn’t do that (seriously annoying) ‘drone view’? Maybe switch to first-person view and see if that avoids the issue.

I turn off my phone blue tooth and watch is off as well and no longer use blue tooth head phones because I thought they were causing problems last year.

I do enjoy debug so did try changing the camera views around 2 times but have not defeated the screen freeze up. Companion keeps going down the hill, and if I close zwift and open, resume activity it puts me riding thru the air and then on another course.
This never happened until the last 2 updates,
Next time i will select Watopia world prior to entering the Alpe race and see if it puts me back on the Alpe descent after the race if I have to close the ap and open and resume activity.
I could also try mirroring the iPad to my LG television and see what happens.
I guess as long as I finish the race I am willing to experiment during the cool down. It’s less frustrating than the blue tooth cyber mechanical during a race when I just stop and watch the group go up the road. I guess it does simulate getting dropped in a real race….

I have my iPhone running the Companion App along w/Apple Music connected via wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

I am using the Neo 1 and a Viiiiva HRM, both directly connected to the Apple TV. No pairing thru the Companion app.

I play on iPad due to lack of space. Not on Apple TV. If available, I get the software updates for iPad and all apps as soon as possible.

We pay for it. We suffer and struggle there. We deserve the downhill :cry::rage:. Help.

Same issue but with ATV. Twice in Sep I have climbed the Alp, both times Zwift has crashed just before the descent. When it restarts, you are in somewhere else in Watopia and not on a road.

Not seen any response from Zwift support in this conversation. Is it even being investigated?

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Hey @shooj I’m still having this problem with Alpe du Zwift … can you find out if the dev team is aware of this issue

Any updates for this issue? Don´t want to go up again if the screen can get frozen suddenly. It happens as I said only on AdZ for me @shooj

Still happening to me (last Sunday) As soon as it pans up to the drone view from above=freeze up, just before the descent. Never had it the 1.5 years prior but every time now.


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:cry::cry: as the issue still exists I’m avoiding Alpe. But it’s no solution??? @shooj

Alpe du Zwift - glitch

Took part in the ‘Dream Bike Race Alpe du Zwift’ - 18 Nov ‘21.

Made it to the top but after the turnaround and starting the descent screen froze (iPad).

File got saved as regular watopia ride, not as dream bike race.

Enjoyed the ride nevertheless!

Yeah. The same happened to me​:cry::cry: