My Apple TV has hung

Hi any ideas how to solve this one. I’m still on the descent of Apple Du Zwift on companion and the ride is still active but I can’t end the ride as Apple TV screen has frozen.

Any ideas how the ride can be ended and saved from the server end?

I wouldn’t mind but I just did the Alpe in under 60 minutes for the first time ever so it would be nice to save it!!!


Best hope is to terminate it. Log back in and hope it recognises it didn’t shut down and it’ll let you resume then save.

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Happen to me as well, was still able to save though the companion app tho.

But did you ever find out the reason for this, happened two times doing the “4 horsemen” route. Both times at the same place (going under the banner to start the descent).

Same with me on Alpe du Zwift twice right before on my way to descent. Frozen screen like in Roy‘s pictures twice, therefore unable to save the ride. Got no km or vertical meters. Ridedata up to the top (Roval Climbing Challenge) shown on Zwiftpower. Very annoying bug!

Same thing happened to me yesterday at the top of Alpe du Zwift after crossing the line in a race. Apple TV froze, but companion app still working, so I cruised to the bottom of the ADZ and saved the ride on the app. Had to restart Apple TV to fix Zwift.

The same problem I’m having - it’s been an issue for the last 4 weeks or so, and precedes the later issues of completed events not linking to Strava etc. How do you stop or save your ride from the companion app? Are you running Zwift on your Apple TV via Bluetooth to the companion app? I run the Apple TV on WiFi, and haven’t been able to stop a ride or save it via the companion app

Same thing here. Climbed up Alpe two days ago (Roval challenge), froze when crossing the finish line. Updated the Zwift App on Apple TV4K and the company app a couple of hours ago, restarted everything rode Alpe again (Roval challenge) and when crossing the finish line…crashed again.

This is frankly super frustrating climbing Alpe twice in a couple of days and experiencing those crashes even after the update. Zwift did not record the ride and obviously not uploaded to Strava. I hope the dev team fixes that shortly…

@shooj - plenty of screenshots to show that this needs fixing here.

Tried to do the “4 Horsemen” twice now, but Zwift (apple 4K) broke down (screen froze) at the same place both times. It happens when going under the banner, to start the desent down “Alpe de Zwift”.

Doing the route as a MeetUp, gonna try to just pick the route directly in Watopia next saturday tho.

Same here crashed several times on AppleTV4k, Tour was road2sky or meetup.
Seems to be a bug from my PoV

I run Zwift on an Apple TV, the companion app on an iPhone. In the last 3 rides on a particular event, the first approx 4 weeks ago, I’ve had the Apple TV display freeze at same place in the ride each time (about half way round the loop at the top of the Alpe); sound continues on the Apple TV, the companion app continues to display metrics and movement on the map, however the Apple TV doesn’t respond - the only way to end the ride is to power down or do a hard restart. Once stopped, the ride appears in activities only as a ride in Watopia, the event doesn’t get a mention, and both distance and time metrics are a little short. I’ve also been having the issue with other events not uploading to Strada, and the fit file not being usable, that appears to have been created after the last Zwift update. My internet connection is solid and high speed

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ can we merge these threads please? Thanks.

Thanks @Steve_Hammatt .

They are all together now.

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Same here. Apple TV 2021 using companion on Samsung A40. First time on 22nd July doing the Roval Ride. After the results I chose “Stay here” then just after the banner starting the downhill my screen crashed but sound, trainer and map on companion still working. Rode down hill and saved via companion however was bitten by the other bug also as I had rode for a min in New York before the race which caused a bust fit file. Then again today 30th July, doing the Roval Ride once again and low and behold screen crash in exactly the same place. As before all other aspects of the game working so I again rode to to the bottom of hill but before I used the companion to save I used the “Picture” function on companion app. It took the pic of a shagged screen as attached. Save file this time was good. Well nearly a month since OP and still no fix. This needs sorting ASAP as we don’t spend out hard earned for this.

Does anyone know if this bug has been corrected, was planning to do the horsemen in the morning but would prefer not to have this ‘surprise’ at the end.

There hasn’t been a game update since it was reported, so there’s no fix. Don’t waste your time and effort.

much obliged. an excuse has readily presented itself!

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Same with me, happened twice now at the exact same spot right after the banner about to descend ADZ. The latest one was yesterday during the Norseman event.

Zwift app screen locked up last 3 times after complete Alpe and crossing finish line to go DOWN hill. Saturday was 4 Horsemen. 3rd request. Add me to the list

If this happened when you went “back” under the banner it has happened three times to me. Unrecoverable freeze in the App.