My Apple TV has hung

happened on Alpe with me as well, crossing back through the banner. This is a very specific bug but it cost me the Norseman 7 Horseman credit even though I went ahead and finished the route.

Chris, I have had the same issue and reported it to Zwift, they had not heard that anyone else had the issue. Happened to me twice on Specialized Roval series and Saturday on Norseman. Very frustrating.

Has anyone else experienced app freeze when passing back under the banner on either Epic KOM / Radio Tower or Alpe du Zwift? This has happened three ties to me (twice during Specialized Roval challenges and once Saturday during Norseman) in the last 2 weeks and is making me crazy.
For 2 of the 3 I was able to use the Companion App to finish but yesterday it was on AdZ and only halfway through the Norseman ride and did not continue in Companion App.
I have the ride in my Activities showing that I did the route and distance (and elevation) but no credit for the Norseman ride. Incredibly frustrating on a once a Year ride.

Admin - please merge with My Apple TV HAS HUNG THREAD.

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Still happening to me, as of last night (this has been an issues since the update about 5 or 6 weeks ago): event up the Alpe, Apple TV video freezes as I cross back under the banner heading to the descent. Apple TV sound continues, the companion app continues; I’m able to exit on completing the ride, and save, via the companion app

This has happened to me twice as well :worried:

I thought there was standards applied to iOS Apps and the App wouldnt be approved or released if there was bugs in it?

How long till we start kicking complaints towards Apple to get the ATV issues resolved as the platform seems to be getting worse every release

This issue has happened to me 5 times now at the top of the Alpe, always in a meet up, but I’ve not tried without a meetup so that may not be relevant. Would be good to get a fix for this as its clearly happening to a lot of people.

This been going on for months now! And they did not adresse it in the new update today!

I’ve given up trying “four horsemen” route, 3 times now the same sh** at decent!!

If it keeps happening report it to Apple and they might take the app down from the App Store.

Apple is very strict in my experience.

I’ve had the same issue (Plus the workout resistance issue and incorrect fit file elevation on hilly rides issue). Zwift replied and suggested my installation is corrupt and a reinstall might sort it.
I’ll try a workout on the Alpe tomorrow and test all three issues!

I’ve been having this issue since the update early summer. I purchased a new Apple TV yesterday (4K/62GB) and did the ZA TT on Alpe today with it again crashing under the banner. I contacted Zwift support who said they were aware of the issue and suggested I use a different device. I attempted to get more information and didn’t receive a response. I’m pretty disappointed with how this is being handled to say the least.

On my last ride (The Zwift Academy over under workout in France map) my ATV 4K screen started twitching back and forth after a section switch. It was shaking so much that it made me sick to look at it so I had to keep my eyes averted from the TV screen. Luckily it went away after about 5 minutes and I could finish my workout but it made for an unpleasant ride.

I’m on the latest version of Zwift and TVOS.

Gerrie, I had created a post similar to those here and it was closed and I was pointed to this thread stating that it contained a solution… However I do not see any solution here. Restarting, Reseting etc. are not solutions just frustrating workarounds. Is Zwift taking this issues serious or is it another one going to fall through cracks?
Sending this to you as your flagged as moderator, hopefully you can answer my question. Cheers

Just confirming this issue is still happening with iPad (and I am guessing Apple TV - screen freezes after getting to the top of the Alp. Data is lost but luckily event does save to ZP. Only ‘solution’ is to exit and then come back in to save.

So today my Apple TV didn’t hung!! :+1:t3:

Fourth try at “four horsemen” is the charm… Did not get stuck on top of the alpe d’zwift!

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Zwift 300 million $ and they can’t fix a frikken simple bug

Same issue during today’s group ride. Fix pls Zwift :pray:

And still happens. Second time for me. Planning on doing Quatch Quest on Sunday. Guess I’ll have to use the lap top to be safe

Same here, Apple TV hung when starting the downhill. Amazing that none of the Zwift staff is replying to this thread. They just don’t care?