Bologna TT, complete freeze for iOS users on way back before descent

Team Electric Spirit event (Floradora Invitational) on the TT Bologna, all iOS users are reporting a complete freeze of Zwift after turning at the top before starting the descent. I was on Apple TV and had to close completely the Zwift app, switch completely off the Trainer before I managed to continue my ride. During the rest of the ride the Power reading was off as well. A couple of Facebook post were done in the Team Electric page with some users putting a screenshoot .( Julian Fussell ) My ride is reported twice on Companion, once with the total lenght, the second only with the segment since reconnecting. The result was not uploaded to Zwiftpower neither.

This sounds eerily similar to the issue people are having at the top of AdZ:

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Is it happening at the same spot for everyone?

Probably but Zwift actually keeps recording so riders don’t consistently stop in the same spot, in fact a number kept going till the finish using companion app to monitor their progress.

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If anyone can take a look at this here’s the event on Zwiftpower, estimated 50/180 entrants were impacted by this.

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Probably if we can isolate an exact point where the freeze happens, it is easier for Zwift to replicate and correct the bug.