Game client freezes when workout completed

Apple TV Game Client 1.32

When completing a workout (with one second remaining of cool down) the game client freezes and the Companion App on iOS disconnects. No option to save workout is given. Only when power-cycling the Apple TV and restarting Zwift does it then say that a previous session was not saved and would I like to rejoin.

Raised a support ticket, but curious to know if anyone else is seeing this issue?

Did you hear back from Zwift support or manage to resolve this?

I think maybe another user (on same platform?) might be seeing the same issue?

Yes! They think it’s the same issue which is reassuring as the patch is being released this week.

The challenge banner constantly appearing workaround also seems to have done the trick.

Zwift hasn’t acknowledged this to me but I can see on the forum that they are still trying to fix the bug . Lots of very unhappy customers, I am thinking of using a different platform as these updates cause all sorts of problems and the reason I use Zwift is because the weather is too bad to go out , so it’s a double disappointment when the indoor set up doesn’t work as it should

I hear you on the disappointment Leona, but at least it sounds like they’re fixing this bug. I have bugs raised 18 months ago that they’ve still not even fixed :-/

Hope they fix this soon for you :slight_smile:

It seems to be fixed now , thanks for your concern, it can be very frustrating as if you are anything like me , I tend to use the platform in exceptional weather circumstances and rely on it for this .

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