Ride on AppleTv points dissapeared

I did the Tour of fire and Ice yesterday and went to level 18 after a climb up alp d zwift. The activty i shown on the companion app but not on zwift. Is it possible that this can be fixed?

Would like the points and elevation for the Everest challenge.

In companion app you also can see the level up etc.

The activity has been sync til Strava and Garmin.


Hello @Henrik_Leonhardt, welcome to the forums.

You’ll need to contact Zwift support to see if they can credit you for this, you can’t manually upload rides to Zwift. Did you lose internet connection or something at the end of the ride when you hit save, or have a system crash?

Make sure on Apple TV to always force close Zwift after you are done riding, this can help keep things running smoothly and should give you less problems like what you’ve described.

Any chance you are logged into the game on two devices, such as Apple TV and a phone or tablet?

Yes - thats probably the reason. The app was running on my phone. I started the app after apple TV - to se the route I was riding. Wont do that again.
But is it possible for Zwift to include the ride anyways?

Thx - I will try that.
When I close the app on apple tv I’am at the start screen of Zwift - then I press the screen icon on the remote and swipe to close the app - is that the correct way to do that? (Ps Apple Tv newbee😀)

Yes, exactly that.

You would need to contact support to find out if there’s anything they can do.