My Apple TV has hung

Quatch Quest should not be a problem, not going down after Alpe…?

Same here, AppleTV 4k, after banner Alpe de Zwift, screen froze, every thing else worked, sounds on, companion OK… Lucky I managed to save ride from companion app, not like my last climb a few months ago…

Have you done something spécial? I have this problem in ADZ 3 times and in Bretzel…

No, just the normal(official) updates… Its been fine the last 5 times now.

Thak you…

This started happening to me since the Neokyo update.

1st time on a 3R Alp Du Zwift climbing race after the event finish and after going around the top of the alp starting to descend (When the alp segment UI reloads)

2nd time doing the WEDU Suffer Sunday at the foot of the Alp when the UI loads. (For the four horsemen route badge)

Needless to say, this is extremely frustrating.

Apple TV
Model A1842 (32GB)
TvOS 15.1.1

Details down here

iCloud Photo Sharing

Same issue here with ATV.
Seems to have started for me in early November.

Hasn’t this issue been brought up enough times now for it at least to be acknowledged by Zwift as an issue? Ideally fixed too, of course, but even acknowledgement would seem like progress.

@shooj ?

Darn it this one just hit me. End of Uber Pretzel. About to go down the hill. I guess my legs still get the fitness but it kinda sucks to not get the sweet sweet strava data.

Seriously though I was pretty upset. Just rode 6 hours and then get a crash, was like a slap in the face. I’m calm now but it did kinda suck!

I’m on AppleTV 4k, would need to double check the model. I am kicking myself for not dual recording.

So the data was actually there still! Sucks that I didn’t get to ride down the alpe with my friends but oh well. When I started zwift again and then went through the entire process of starting a ride, it allowed me to actually store the data. I feel much better now that I know there is at least a failsafe! Would be nice to not have the crash in the first place though.

Same here, AppleTV 4k, after banner Alpe de Zwift, 2 time of 2 last 2 weeks have screen been frozen, I managed to save ride after restarted ATV first time , but I was not able to save it yesterday😡 Zwift, this must be fixed asap.

Same happened to me today after completing Uber Pretzel… it froze when attempting to descend ADZ 5 times!! Each time I closed Zwift on my ATV and resumed activity and it froze every time before I gave up and just saved the activity…. Which only saved as “Watopia”.

Same problem here. The last two times I did Alpe du Zwift after the cinematic at the top Zwift hung. Very frustrating.