4K ATV graphic lockup

I was on a slow Alps meetup today. Almost 3 hrs to the top. Current 1.16 version. Just as I started down the ATV graphic interface totally froze up. I’m guessing the app was still working as Companion showed me heading down, which I did and could save the ride after 32km.

Has this been reported and an investigation started?
No ATV remote action would unlock the interface graphic.

Unfortunately it’s a well-known bug without solution yet:
My apple tv has hung

I was lucky today, did the “Tour of fire and ice“ on ATV 4k without any issues (free ride). Would be nice to know what triggers the problem.

I’m thinking it maybe ride duration triggered. This was the longest ride I’ve made since the Zwift version that introduced this a few major revisions ago. I’m so glad I didn’t over react and noticed the ride was still alive on companion.

Slower than me - that’s hard to believe with my multiple long breaks on the tedious way up … :slight_smile:

From what I read I think it only happens in events and meetups, not in free rides. Come on Zwift, this REALLY needs a quick fix !!!

This was a meetup of ~60 of us for an 8 year old with spina bifida. His birthday ride request. He wanted to see the Yeti. This Zwift defect was not limited to ATV and got a number of us at the same point in the ride.