4k ATV Power freezes on longer rides

(Ian Notley) #1

I have a repeat issue with long group rides (+1hour 30 mins) where my power freezes/locks at a certain output. I cannot be 100% sure but it looks a pretty consistent timing (after about 1 hour 35 mins) and happens 30-50% of the time: The power locks at whatever the power output was at that point. I can of course finish the ride at constant displayed wattage (sadly not joining the final sprint!) provided it locks at a reasonable power, or I can choose to reset (generally losing about 1m 30s and therefore being dropped from the draft/group).

A) has anyone come across this, and is there a known trigger or fix
B) is there a reliable faster reset mechanism - i can recover up to 30 seconds, but not 1m 30s!

My kit is Wahoo Kickr (original) plus Wahoo HRM direct to bluetooth on ATV, with Wahoo cadence onto iPad running companion.

(Vincent) #2

Hey Ian, sorry to hear your wattage reading isn’t working correctly! :frowning:
Do you get these wattage freezes when riding non-group ride sessions for the same time frame?

(Ian Notley) #3


I only do long rides as group rides on this set up so can’t say (max other ride is 1:30). I used to use the set up pre-Zwift for longer rides (using IPad to control Kickr and never had issues). It only started as an issue in the past month.

I’ve just reloaded the app onto ATV, updated the iPad software (though this feels out of the loop here), and updated firmware on Kickr.

It feels to me like something building over time:

  • temperature of ATV or Kickr?

  • memory leakage on app?

  • something else (a file or log) “filling up”?

My bet is an errant bit of code, but not my field really. It feels too “predictable” at 1:40 - I wait to get past this point with trepidation…


(Vincent) #4

Very interesting, I’ll investigate with our team to see what the issue could possibly be.

In the meantime, have you tried the BLE troubleshooting steps? https://support.zwift.com/en_us/my-bluetooth-signal-is-dropping-running--BJkESEzU7

These may help, or clear out some of the more simpler errors that occur when working with BLE.

(Daniel) #5

I have the same issue, froze at constant output at around 5k on two separate rides, one group the other solo :frowning:

(Ian Notley) #6

I’ve upgraded and reloaded and reset just about everything I own. And touch wood no issues for 2 weeks. Just done a 2 hour ride too.

(Vincent) #7

Hey @Daniel_Underwood_TIG @Ian_Notley are you both still seeing these wattage freezes after the most recent update?

(Daniel) #8

Hi, no, so far so good but will keep you posted.


(Daniel) #9

Happened again to me today :frowning:

However, I read that mixing old and new Ant protocols when selecting trainer in the options may be an issue so I’ll try and ensure consistence choice going forward for new Ant standard: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/multiple-trainer-options-visible-while-pairing-over-ant+-BJP7RJbrm

(Ian Notley) #10

That is strange - happened to me mid race. Trainer froze at 307w - not had this issue in months and it occurred today @6:20 uk time.

(Ian Notley) #11

I use the same process everyday- restart ATV zwift, reboot iPad (Companion app) - log into ATV, pair Kickr and HRM, try to pair cadence (rejects) pair using Companion app, off we go…

Nothing’s changed my side (to my knowledge) so it can’t be a coincidence…

(Daniel) #12

Happened for me at 6.18pm UK today as well !?!?!

(Daniel) #13

I use Cycleops Hammer and Zwift windows App. Try and pair all through Ant+

(Daniel) #14

Hasn’t occurred for me again which is a relief. The change for me has been to ensure I use FE-C only for all Ant pairing whereas previously I was naively using a mixture of old and new!