Wahoo Kickr power freezes during ride to steady state output

(Niels) #1

heart rate monitor: Wahoo Tickr X;
system: Apple TV 4K/32Gb with Apple TVOS 12.2
trainer: Wahoo Kickr, model 2014 (latest firmware available)
also: pedal power meter Garmin Vector 3 (only used for cadence info);
running Zwift Compagnion app (latest version on 13-may-2019) on iPhone 8 plus
Zwift version: latest available on 13-may-2019.

Zwift course: Road to the Sky (Alpe du Zwift)
Details of the ride: see Garmin Connect, public link https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3645848262

During my first succesfull ride to the top of Alpe du Zwift, I’ve noticed the system freezess power to 196Watt after approx 90 minutes into the ride. Even if I stop pedaling, it stays there.
As the Garmin Vector 3 pedals are only used for cadence, these are out of scope (in fact when I stop pedalling they measure this also in cadence drop to 0 rpm).

Is it perhaps an issue with the Zwift Compagnion app? or an issue on the AppleTV app of Zwift? or just another hickup on the Wahoo Kickr?

(-) #2

The Kicker does not like the Ant+ receiver to be more than a metre away from Kickr.
Power will freeze. The Kickr 2018 is slightly better but still requires Ant+ pick up to be close.

(Niels) #3

I am using only bluetooth connectivity because the AppleTV 4K does not handle ANT+ signals.

(-) #4

Mate I’m unsure about Bluetooth & Kickr
But again most of the problems with Kickr & power drop out are signal distance related.

Could you do a test ride with unit closer? How far away is Kickr to Unit? Have you updated the Kickr Firmware?

Cheers Gary

(Niels) #5

distance between Kickr and AppleTv is about 150cm. Between Kickr and Apple iPhone with compagnion app approx. 100cm.
The Kickr has latest firmware (1.5.68).

(.) #6

A couple of things worth checking @Niels_Thijssen, if FE-C is available on the pairing screen, that is if Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Kickr FE-C are listed, choose the FE-C version.

It is also worth checking no other Bluetooth app is trying to ‘steal’ your trainer signal. If you have the Wahoo app or the Vector 3 app on your phone, make sure you have closed down and logged out of the apps.

(-) #7

I have mine attached to a USB extension cable, Ant+ receiver is about 200mm away.
On the older 2015 Kickr any further and it drops out even with Firmware updates. The 2018 Kick I also use is better but it doesn’t like being more than 120cm away (if more sometimes it would stick)

Sorry not to be of more help.

Regards Gary


(Daniel) #8

I solved my KICKR ANT+ dropouts by connecting a powered USB hub between my computer and the ANT+ dongle.

(Niels) #9

@Daniel_Schumm_ROCKR i’m having issues on bluetooth/BTLE as I’m running Zwift on Apple TV 4K. ANT+ is out of scope

(Niels) #10

@Paul_Graham: on the Iphone no other apps are rinning besides Zwift Compagnion.