Power jumping with Wahoo Kickr on Apple tv

I have been having issues where my power is going up and down via my wahoo kickr on zwift.

After a long process of trying to troubleshoot with Wahoo which involved :slight_smile:

  • swapping internet connections
  • uninstalling / reinstalling zwift
  • firmware updates on kickr
  • unpairing sensors
  • checking battery voltages
  • reset of Apple TV with reinstall of zwift

I ran a test on Waboo and power was much more stable.

I was pairing power with Apple TV + HR and pairing cadence with companion app.

Today I tried pairing the Power / Kickr with companion and NOT with Apple TV and the power seemed far more stable.

I am using the 3 second average on power.

ERG mode works 100% , itโ€™s just in normal mode where the issue was.

Which makes me think that there is an issue / delay with actual APPLE TV.

Anyone else encounter this ?

Running into something very similar with my Kickr Core running through Apple TV, just within the last several days. Iโ€™ve had wildly varying power outputs, with some very high spikes with minimal increase in exertion before it levels back out.

I am fairly new to Zwift. Had very similar problems with Kickr and Pixel 3. Did much the same as you to try to fix. What seems to be working is starting a workout in the Wahoo Fitness app before starting a Zwift ride.