Wahoo Kick4 - Erratic Power (Jumps up and Down)

I am running the Wahoo Kick4 that is paired with my Apple TV.

I recently did a FTP on Zwift and had to maintain certain power readings ie 140 for 4 minutes. It was almost impossible as the power was jumping to 180 then down to 120 and was almost impossible to maintain a smooth power with constant cadence…

What have I done to try fix:

  1. New Firmware
  2. Spindown - on Wahoo app
  3. Tried pairing with companion vs apple tv
  4. Power on / off
  5. Power smoothing

Still not working that great. I think this is a Wahoo issue as the app showed power jumping as well.

I attempted the cool down after an hour ride , maybe this was the issue ?

I’d suggest checking that you’re not experiencing Bluetooth interference. It can help to close/disable Bluetooth devices/programs that aren’t being used for Zwift before you begin a ride. If that doesn’t help, I invite you to submit a support ticket so we can help. :slight_smile: