Erratic power with Kickr V5


I am experiencing erratic power during Zwift rides using my Wahoo Fitness Kickr V5. Opened a support case with Wahoo and we did some troubleshooting and tests. They confirm my Kickr is working as it should.

Wahoo support reports Zift has a known issue on this. Is that true? Do you have an estimated time for a fixed version of the app? I use AppleTV but see the same using Zwift app on Mac OS X

From Wahoo support:

"Zwift has confirmed that this is an update issue on their side, that will be resolved in future firmware updates.

Please contact them for further timelines for updates. "


Mans Hedberg

Yep - see below:

If you find your KICKR’s signal unexpwctedly fluctuating, dropping to zero and/or spiking, it’s like;y a result of signal interference. The KICKR is designed to pair with a single app on a single device at a time- multiple paired apps can interfere by sending conflicting signals.