Zwift Companion App & Apple TV

When I was on a ride today the Companion App was showing a completely different wattage number than on screen in game. Time, cadence & HR were the same however.

This is on an ATV 4 & has only occurred since the app was updated.

Anyone else or is it just me?

Hi Ian,

yesterday I experienced the same. My companion App was showing let’s say 175 Watt and on screen the Apple TV showed 160 Watt.

I had the feeling that there was a delay between the Watt shown in the App and the Aplle TV of about 1-3 seconds.

Maybe this has something todo with the fact that I have paired my Wahoo Kickr (Power and Cadence) and my Wahoo Tickr X not directly to the Apple TV but to my Iphone which Iam using to run the Companion App. (Not sure)

What I will try next time is to turn of bluetooth on my iphone and then pair the wahoo kickr with the Apple TV directly (for Power).

Then my setup would be:

Kickr Power + Bluetooth Headset + Apple TV Remote = paired with Apple TV

Kickr Cadence + Tickr X Heartrate = paired with Iphone via Companian App


Hi Thomas.

I opened a ticket with Zwift & they say they’re aware of the issue. They advised me to delete the Companion app & reinstall to see if it makes a difference (which it didn’t).

FYI I usually have the Kickr & the HR (plus the Apple TV remote) paired directly to the ATV & the Cadence Sensor paired via the app but I’ve not messed about trying to pair stuff different ways.

I’ll give them a while to fix it as it’s midly irritating & then chase them up.

Anyone else noticed this?

Just started using an Apple TV (after having an iPad connected to the TV) and have the same issue. Have always used the Companion app and it’s been fine previously. Frustrating!