Last 5 days a nightmare

I am running Zwift on an Apple 4K tv. I have the companion app on my my iPhone and have a gen 2 wahoo kickr snap. Sometime in the last 4-5 days I have completely lost the ability to use my Apple Watch as a HR monitor and simultaneously Zwift is now understating wattage out put by 50-60 watts. In other words when I am pinned on my FTP at 240 watts the game says 185. What the ■■■■ happened. I have installed, uninstalled, rebooted, done all I can think of and can’t get this sorted. I see the wrench icon if I log in via the companion app but it’s missing if I log in via Apple TV 4-k. When I close the app and do a spin down in the wahoo app the results are accurate. However, for some reason the output to Zwift is way off. HELP. I’m frustrated as ■■■■.

Ps, when I go into settings in game the option to change things like trainer difficulty no longer appear.


When you see 185 watts in Zwift on Apple TV, where are you simultaneously seeing 240 watts?

It’s by feel and cadence in a specific gear. Wattage is correct on wahoo app though. Zwift is under reporting.