Problem wahoo


Have trained with zwift with the same set for about 2 years without problems. Then strange things started to happen about 2 months ago after your last update.

What first happened that when I use zwift on my Apple TV and wahoo kicker core, it marked finished with a workout in the plan I do, but then it was not marked as done in zwift if entered the computer/iphone program.
Then the problem started that it did not generate any watts or cadence via my kicker even though it was detected by the zwift app, my wahoo heart rate monitor was found, and it worked.
Test true my iphone app the same thing there.

Then if I went out and tried to restart the zwift app on apple tv the workout session was not there and I went into the plan, it was not there either.

All semes to be ok with my kicker I can pair it in the wahoo app have the latest firmware.

to day nonging work on my wahho it find the sensor but no power, cadens is genreted on iphone app or apple tv app