Connectivity issues Apple tv + power2max + Wahoo kickr

I’m cycling and running in Zwift. I use:

Apple TV for Zwift
Android tablet of phone as Companion app
Power2max powermeter for Power and cadence
Wahoo TickrX for HR
Wahoo Kickr 2018 for trainer
Wahoo Kickr Climb for incline
Stryd 2 for running speed and cadence

I’m having huge issues with cadence, I’m having massive issues with drop out of components in general.

What are the known bugs related to these components?

What happens when you use the Kickr for Power, Speed and Cadence instead of the Power2max? How about just using Power2Max for Power and leave Cadence with the Kickr? Remember that with Apple TV you have restricted number of connections unless you are using the Companion app and if the device supporting the companion app switches networks (wifi > non wifi network > wifi) then everytime the phone changes network you will lose connectivity. Never assume the phone won’t simply change network because it will switch to whichever network has the stronger signal at any given point in time.

I have power2max on two bikes. I also use AppleTV. I was in a Kickr years ago and have since moved to a Neo.

That said, I have Power2Max Type-S which means ANT+ only. Apple TV is Bluetooth only. I use a Viiiiva HRM to bridge ANT+ (power and cadence from p2max) to Bluetooth. As such I do not need the Companion app for any device pairing.

In summary, AppleTV’s 2 Bluetooth connections are as follows: Power, cadence, and HR are all in one Bluetooth channel. The trainer uses the other connection.

The above works great. No issues.

The only issue with that protocol is that the kickr cadence measurement is completely off. I rode 2 hrs yesterday with an average cadence measured by my powermeter as 95 rpm. The kickr never reported a cadence above 70.

Other than that, I see your point with dropping in and out of networks on the companion app. Thanks

I have the Power2max NG so I have bluetooth native

I would use p2max power and cadence along w/the kickr as controllable trainer. Pair the p2max (power) and kickr (controllable trainer) directly to the AppleTV. Then I would pair p2max cadence and HR via the Companion app since they are less important.

Note you should have the Companion app and AppleTV on the same WiFi network. Also, make sure the Companion app is using Wifi and not mobile data or you can have issues w/devices paired through it.