Powertap P1 Cadence with Apple TV

I was using Zwift from my iPad and had the Wahoo Kickr as a power meter and my PowerTap P1 pedals for cadence.

I switched to using an Apple TV and I can’t seem to get the App to see the P1s for pairing. Full gas on the same Apple TV sees the P1s and the kickr just fine.

Know isssue? Something I can try to diagnose?

FYI… Apple TV is limited to 3 Bluetooth connections, one of which is the remote. So, that leaves you two connections for cadence, power, and HRM.

  • Have you double checked that your Apple TV and Zwift app are fully updated?
  • Are your pedals updated to the latest firmware?
  • Make sure the P1s aren’t paired to anything else. Otherwise, the Apple TV (Zwift) won’t see them.
  • When you go to pair “Power”, are the P1s an option?
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Yep, aware of that which is why I was comparing with Full Gaz to make sure it wasn’t caused by something like that. HR is not paired anywhere yet, I plan on using the companion app for that later.

Yes. I always keep my stuff up to date. I also shutdown the Powertap iOS app completely to make sure there is nothing hoarding the BT connection. Good suggestions though.

Ding ding ding! That was the solution. I unpaired the KickR, searched for Power meters, saw both P1s (and the KickR too), selected one P1 (they don’t support both sides on one BT channel yet) and taddaaa! I could then also see the P1 as an option for cadence. Selected that, then went back to switch to the KickR for power again.

Somehow Full Gaz sees both profiles from the P1s right off the bat, but Zwift only sees cadence when already paired with one P1 for power.

This sounds like a ‘feature’… :grimacing:

Thank for your help @Lin