Apple TV & powermeter control of Kickr, Comapnion app question

I plan on using Apple TV for Zwift when I redo my basement.
Currently, I use a laptop.
I normally use my Favero Assioma pedals as my power source and my Kickr18 as my controllable trainer. I also use a Wahoo Tickr for HR, and usually use my pedals or a separate cadence sensor for cadence (but I’d finu using the Kickr).
I know that I’ll need to use the companion app to get additional BT channels, but will I be able to use my power meter pedals to control my Kickr? Those would make up the two available channels, then I’d use the companion app for HR.
Also, does the companion app have to be on the iPhone screen all the time for everything to work? I occasionally text, email etc. while on Zwift.


You decidedly do not want to just use the Kickr for power and cadence, and then add the Tickr as BT signal #2 ?

I’m not sure what you mean by this.
I’d like to use my Assioma Duo pedals as my power source, and my Kickr as my controllable.
I can get cadence via either of those two. I know that I can use the companion app for a third BT channel. My question is can I use Apple TV with this setup.


I’m asking why you don’t just let the Kickr supply power and cadence as one BT connection, and your HRM would be the second BT connection (max for the ATV, since the remote takes up BT connection number three)? Is there a reason you need to use the Assiomas instead of the Kickr for power?

But, if you really need to use the Assiomas as power, see if this video answers your question.

Yes, it will work fine. I ran a Saris H3, Assioma Duo and TickR with an Apple TV and Companion app. I use the Assioma as Power and Cadence and the Saris as Controllable. You don’t have to have the companion app open continuously. I switch around to the Wahoo app, Pandora and Wemo to control a fan.

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The pedals & Kickr give different power readings because of drive train loss.
I train on hills using specific power targets, so it’s important to have consistency.

What is your fan setup?


I have three fans. A Kickr Headwind, a Rowenta stand fan w/remote and a third table fan that I run off a Wemo wall outlet. The Rowenta is an older model that is a beast. It actually blows the sweat off me such that all the water droplets are on the down Rowenta side of my bike.