Making Apple TV Experience Perfect

9 times out of 10 using the companion app on my iPhone to connect power (from Quarq power meter), cadence, and HRM…then Apple TV to grab controllable from my Wahoo Kickr works great. 1 out of 10 times the power data stops coming through a few minutes into a ride. When I stop cranking, it appears for a second again but when I start cranking it goes away. I have to restart the companion app and then go into the pairing menu while in game to get it going again. I’ve been doing this for a year now and it gets annoying when that 1 out of 10 times it happens in a group ride or race. Has anybody come across a better solution using Apple TV? I don’t want to go to the laptop approach to use ANT+ which I realize works better.

I would think that the power and cadence from your Quarq would come through as one signal (same for your Kickr, if you should choose to use the power and cadence from that, instead), and your HRM would be a second BLE signal. Because this should be only two signals, why don’t you just connect directly to the Zwift app through the ATV, instead of using the Companion app? I would think this would be much more stable. I connect directly to the ATV app (with a Tacx Neo 2 providing power and cadence, and a Garmin Dual providing HR) and never have any issues.


This is my experience also.

I was led to believe that the ZC app. was a saviour. However, when I used it it would grind to a halt mid ride, mid event or mid anything.

I use a Tacx Neo as well. So I’ve come to realise that what works for me is the BTOoth connection directly to the Apple TV and bypassing the ZC app.

I know others don’t agree but if it works for me then I’m sticking with it.

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Thanks Nigel - so if #1 is (power and cadence), #2 has to be controllable from Kickr, then to get HRM I’d need a third connection wouldn’t I? I think that’s why I originally went to the companion app. That said, given these issues (and the fact that I just did a group ride after writing this and it dropped 15 seconds in) I’m thinking I omit HRM and just have that go to my ELEMNT and not the Zwift screen.

Ah, yes. I forgot about the ‘controllable’ piece of the puzzle, since that is, also, my trainer. If you want to use your Quarq, then, that does present an issue and you may want/need something like the CABLE interface to put everything together and send a single signal to the ATV. Or you could just use the power/cadence/controllable features that the Kickr offers, and the put the HRM on the other BLE channel.

Thanks! Do you think CABLE is more reliable than the companion app?

I’ll have to let someone else weigh in on that, as I have no experience with it. My guess, though, is that it would be better just because you could then connect directly to the ATV app, and bypass the Companion app altogether. (Still, though, I’d opt for using the Kickr for as much as possible, instead of the Quarq. But that’s just me.)


I ended up just removing HRM (will just get that data from ELEMNT) and went direct to Apple TV today and everything was great. No glitches. 1/1 only though but I’m optimistic

I run everything directly to the AppleTV.

To get around the limit of two Bluetooth connections, I use the Viiiiva HRM which also acts as a ANT+ to BLE bridge. Solves the Bluetooth limit problem and provides me with HR. Another option would be the NPE Cable.