Favero Assioma Duo Help

Hi all, searched and didn’t find much, if there’s a link to this topic, please provide.

I have an AppleTV 4k, Kickr Core, Tickr and Favero Assioma Duo pedals. Whenever I pair the pedals as my power meter the controllable function of the Kickr doesn’t work. Any idea why? If I switch back to the Kick for power the controllable function immediately kicks back in.

Also tested on my iPad and got the same result.

Is there a way to use my pedals for power, Kickr for resistance/ERG and the Tickr for HRM on AppleTV? Understand that I might be out of connections and would be willing to use the Companion app for HRM.

Thanks and happy riding.

I believe the short answer is no. The longer answer is, I think, that by using the Assioma pedals as the power source you are, effectively, turning your Kickr Core into a ‘dumb’ trainer. You will still be able to ride in Zwift, but Zwift would not be able to control the resistance on the trainer itself, so you would lose that functionality (which, IMO, is one of the greatest things about combining a smart Trainer with Zwift).

So, if there is some functionality of the Assioma pedals that you are trying to use while in Zwift, I would suggest using the Kickr Core as your Zwift power source, and connect your Assiomas to a Garmin/Wahoo/whatever head unit and view/collect the pedal data there.

This is new to me, but I am a windows user so not 100% up to speed with ATv.

On Window I can select my powertap as power source and my smart trainer as controllable.

I am probably not helping. :crazy_face:

This is probably not what you want to hear, but I have your EXACT same setup (although with KICKR 2017) and it works fine with the Duos as the power source and the KICKR as the controllable trainer. It’s actually very reliable. I only do SIM/free ride mode though, I don’t do any workouts or ERG. I use the Companion app on an old iPhone for the BTLE pairings.

All I can suggest is to be sure the KICKR is listed as the controllable trainer when you switch to the Duos as the power source. Maybe unpair the controllable trainer, unplug it, and re-pair.

So it need to look like this?

I think the problem is the limit of 3 BLe devices available to connect to AppleTv at any given time. I don’t know if this is the same limit for IOS in general.

I’ve had the same problem, with BLe and my appletv4k.

Now have to use my kids laptop when it’s avaiable. Connecting with ANT+, Powersource and cadence is my Stages Crank and controllable trainer as a separate ANT+ device.

Great for general riding and racing, but bobbins for ERGo mode workouts.

Can’t you use the companion app as a bridge for more connections?

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Thanks for pointing this out, Gerrie. I never actually thought about having different pieces of hardware for the power and controllable options. To your earlier point, it seems like this would allow the OP to do exactly what they wanted, but they may have to use an ANT+ bridge, or ZCA, if they want to get HR, also. (At least I think they could get cadence and power from the Assiomas using only one BLT channel, and the Core connected to the other.)

I’m not convinced that it is the 3 device limit because the same thing happened when I tried using my iPad.

Paired the pedals as power and the trainer as controllable and didn’t have any resistance.

It’s not the biggest deal in the world but it would be nice to always be measuring power with the same device.

I use my Assioma Duo’s as my power source, a “BLe Cable” re-transmitting ANT+ HRM and Cadence sensors, and a Kickr Core as my controllable trainer with my Ipad and it works great.

Apple TV has a limit of 2 devices via Bluetooth. The 3rd connection is reserved for the remote. If you want to pair additional devices, you will need to use the Companion app or a bridge device (e.g., NPE Cable, Viiiiva HRM).

The iPad does not have this Bluetooth connection limitation.

You should pair the Duos as the power source. The Kickr should be the controllable trainer. I would pair the Tickr via the Companion app. In the meantime, I would leave the Tickr out until you get the Duos and Kickr working as expected.

Make sure all of your firmware is updated (i.e., Kicrk and Duos). Also, manually make sure that the Apple TV OS, the Zwift app, and your Companion app are the latest versions. While the Apple TV does have auto update, assuming it’s enabled, it is not immediate. As a best practice, manually double check and update if necessary. Another best practice where Zwift is concerned, always force quit Zwift and the Companion app after each session.


In the assioma duo app

  • select your pedals
  • settings
  • compatibility with other apps
    => select Unfified channel L

You loose the information left/right.
Your left pedal send the right data.